Hyperautomated Adverse Media Investigations

Instantly be alerted to high-risk people and businesses through ongoing monitoring of their news footprint

Designed for Enterprise Banking

Merlon.ai - Investigation: Hyperautomated risk extraction from adverse media

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

AI identifies, organizes and analyzes evidence to find risk

Merlon.ai - Finding: Summary of risks and supporting evidence

Summarized Risk Findings

AI summarizes and classifies risks, createscase documentation

Merlon.ai - Review: Faster, more accurate decisioning

Intelligent Risk Alerts

Analysts focus on reviewing risk and making decisions

Timely, comprehensive and cost-effective regulatory and reputational risk management tailored for your business

Anti-Money Laundering
Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Know Your Customer and 3rd Party
Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence
Any Custom Risk

Transform Manual Screening into Hyperautomated Investigations

Merlon.ai - Summarized Risk Findings

Summarized Risk Findings

The fastest, most accurate way to screen risk

Solutions that require analysts to read through articles one by one to manually determine and classify risk are non-scaleable, tedious and produce unreliable results.

Merlon uses natural language processing, machine learning and risk fingerprinting to generate Risk Findings from related articles, providing analysts the information they need to make informed decisions in seconds.

Related articles are grouped by risk events

Smart Filtering of extracted identifiers enables focus on relevant Findings

Risks classified per FATF, US BSA, UK MLR, 6th EU AMLD and custom taxonomies

Merlon.ai - Ongoing Risk Monitoring

Ongoing Risk Monitoring

Monitor tens of millions of clients daily with no alert backlog

Intelligent risk alerts instantly notify you of newly developing and changing risks tailored to your risk appetite.

Elevating review to the risk level using Findings results in unique benefits not offered by solutions that require manual processing of risk article by article.

Significantly fewer alerts to review

Reviewing each alert takes a fraction of the time

Eliminates re-remediation when new articles are published

Merlon.ai - Extensive News Coverage

Extensive News Coverage

Built-in access to global, national and local news for your jurisdiction

Comprehensive and timely risk detection is made possible by ensuring you have built-in access to the right data versus needing to purchase an expensive third-party library.

We offer full transparency into our data sources versus other solutions that treat their library as a black box.

Over 100,000 trusted publishers

3 million articles added each day

4.5 billion articles dating back 20 years

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