The world’s most advanced AI-powered adverse media research platform for enhanced AML and KYC Investigations

high-risk customers
non-resident customers
nominee shareholders
bearer shareholders
multi-jurisdictional transactions
cash-intensive businesses
complex corporate structures
customers from high-risk jurisdictions
customers from sanctioned countries
anonymous transactions
transactions with unknown 3rd parties
transactions with unassociated 3rd parties
anonymous banking
non face-to-face relationships
private banking customers
bribery and corruption
public office abuses
money laundering
human rights violations
forced and slave labour
labour rights violations
human trafficking
sexual exploitation
illegal restraint
illegal immigration
arms trafficking
narcotics trafficking
fraud and forgery
theft and embezzlement
organised crime
market manipulation
environmental crimes
wildlife crimes
tax crimes
aircraft hijacking
illegal gambling
trafficking in stolen goods
medical fraud
securities fraud
war crimes
terrorism financing
identity theft
violent crime

Your Core Challenges

Basic rule and keyword-based solutions have failed to cope with the explosion in global adverse media, leading to:

  • Inability to comprehensively identify risk
  • High error rates and significant false positives
  • Continually growing compliance teams relying on manual efforts

Use the power of AI to fight financial crime

  • Context Aware, Explainable AI and NLP Platform
  • Extensive 350M+ article library of global media content
  • Automated risk identification, extraction, and categorization
  • Event Clustering, deduplication, and intelligent text highlighting
  • Instantly on SaaS, 5-minute training, monthly subscription plan
  • Reduced Risk, Faster Remediation, Lowered Costs, Rapid Adoption

How Merlon simplifies and automates your workflow App: Custom Risk Categorization

Custom Risk Categorization

Merlon’s advanced natural language processing engine extracts and categorizes risk topics to ensure relevance to both FATF guidelines and financial institution controls.

Reduce Risk

Identify high-risk individuals and entities that cannot be found through structured data screening

Remediate Faster

Uncover and prioritize material articles, greatly reducing the number of articles to be read

Lower Costs

Decreased due diligence costs through significant productivity improvements

Deploy Rapidly

Get productive today with instant access and rapid self-service training

We built Merlon to allow you to instantly use the power of AI to fight financial crime.