Who is Merlon?

In medieval times, a “merlon” was a key part of a fortification, providing defending armies both safety and a critical observation point. Like these historic structures, Merlon provides financial institutions a vantage point to detect and minimize external risks while protecting themselves from regulatory and reputational risk.

Today, Merlon offers an entirely new approach to using adverse media to detect and mitigate risk: Hyperautomated Adverse Media Investigations. By combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Merlon automates much of the manual work compliance teams currently do to screen adverse media.

The result? A potent, scalable platform for fighting financial crime.


Merlon is a global team of experts in anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), artificial intelligence, natural language processing, software development and business. Our passion is to make the world a safer place by leveraging the power of AI to fight financial crime.

Manu Chadha - CEO at Merlon.ai

Manu Chadha


Radek Domin - Head of Engineering at Merlon.ai

Radek Domin

Head of Engineering

Jakub Klimes - Head of Operations at Merlon.ai

Jakub Klimes

Head of Operations


Hans Morris - Advisor at Merlon.ai

Hans Morris


Ravi Mohan - Advisor at Merlon.ai

Ravi Mohan


Rodger Brooks - Advisor at Merlon.ai

Rodger Brooks



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