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Product Engineer

Remote within CET

Your Mission:

“Help make the world a safer place by advancing our cutting edge Automated Adverse Media Investigations platform.”

Merlon is a series of ML and NLP pipelines that perform Name Entity Recognition and resolution, co-referencing, entity linking, fuzzy and phonetic name matching, risk detection, ranking and classification, perpetrator detection, related article clustering, deduplication, summarization and secondary identifier extraction, in the cloud. These and other capabilities allow Merlon to automate the identification of risk related to people and businesses based on their global news footprint.

As a Product Engineer at Merlon your main role will be to build and extend our award-winning UI/UX design into a product that allows users to efficiently leverage our AI and data.

You will take responsibility for the technical design and implementation of features of our web products (primarily backend, ideally also UI). You will implement integrations with cloud services. You will collaborate closely with Product Designers and System Engineers to deliver compelling user-facing products. You will participate in system-wide architectural decisions. You will develop automated tests of the product. You will identify and resolve performance and scalability issues.

Technologies we use:

  • Purely functional Scala (cats, cats-effect or zio, slick, sangria or caliban, circe)
  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL
  • Prometheus, Grafana
  • React, Typescript, Javascript
  • GraphQL (Apollo)
  • CSS-in-JS, Material-UI
  • JVM (backend written in Scala)
  • Kubernetes (GCE, GKE, Helm) and various Google Cloud Platform services
  • PostgreSQL (CloudSQL), ElasticSearch, BigTable (for storing backend data)
  • Python (our natural language processing pipeline)
  • Spinnaker CI

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Min. 3+ years of experience in functional programming, API design and development
  • Advanced knowledge of Scala, relational databases, SQL
  • Knowledge of standard engineering tooling: git, bash, ssh, etc.
  • Automated testing and other software engineering best practices
  • Basic knowledge of building secure applications
  • Basic knowledge of GraphQL, React, Typescript, ElasticSearch, GCE, GKE
  • Some experience with UI development, single page web applications, backend API development experience
  • Can-do attitude, sense of ownership and desire to cultivate engineering practices
  • You are a self-starter capable of working in a fast-paced environment with the freedom to approach, own and solve problems independently, as well as part of a team.
  • You are passionate about technology and have a broad set of skills you can draw upon to tackle the diverse challenges our customers face.

Why you’ll love being at Merlon:

  • A fast-paced Silicon Valley startup experience in the heart of Europe, including stock option ownership
  • Purposeful contributions to a relevant product, driving a meaningful global impact
  • Ownership of features, initiatives and results, rather than a focus on working hours
  • Collaborate with extraordinary colleagues, high-performance engineers and some of the leading technology experts in the world
  • Freedom to work where you are most effective - we have offices in Prague, Bratislava, Brno, or you can chose to work from home
  • The latest technology to work with, including a top of the range M1 MacBook Pro

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