A better way to identify and understand risk using Merlon

We are very excited to share the latest release of Merlon with you. We’ve completely revamped the way risk is displayed in Merlon in order to speed up your investigations and make it easier to identify and understand risk.

Ondrej Prostredník

Ondrej Prostredník

July 9th 2020
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New way of showing risk

Risk is now easier to understand with full risk concepts that explain which risk is associated with the article. Merlon uses three colors to denote different types of risk. 

1. Risk Flags
We use industry-leading risk categorization that complies with FATF, BSA, and the EU MLD standards. All risk is clearly labeled using easy to understand risk flags.

2. Crime Stage
Anytime we identify a crime stage such as conviction, indictment, or arrest, we label it using a dedicated badge.

3. Involvement
To denote sections of the article that provide evidence of subject involvement, we add a special badge. This makes it easier to find the most relevant parts of the article.

Focus on the relevant parts of the article through Intelligent highlighting

Merlon identifies risky areas of an article and brings them to the forefront in the article card (on the left). If the name of the investigated subject is mentioned in the article, it is underlined in green. Each area is also accompanied by an icon on the left-hand side that explains the impact of a given area on the overall article relevance. In this case, the red upward triangle shows that this risk area has a high impact on the overall relevance.

Merlon indicates a medium impact on risk with an orange dot:

And a low impact on risk with a grey downward triangle

Each risk is also highlighted in the article so you can get additional context if needed. 

How does this speed up your investigations?

By clearly identifying the risk and explaining it in plain English, you will be able to evaluate the relevance of any article right from the article card, and you will spend less time in the article resulting in less time spent on investigations overall. 

We hope you like this improvement and we are looking forward to your feedback. You can reach us via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner when logged into Merlon or email us at support@merlon.ai.

We built Merlon to allow you to instantly use the power of AI to fight financial crime.