New: A better way to read articles

The latest release of Merlon brings improvements to article readability, an easier way to navigate between articles and other enhancements focused on quality and ease of use. Discover them all in this quick overview.

Ondrej Prostredník

Ondrej Prostredník

July 2nd 2020
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Improved article readability

We’ve made the font size larger and added more space between lines. The end result is improved readability of the article text

An easier way to navigate between articles

You can now use the Next Article and Previous Article arrows in the article detail menu bar to quickly move to the next article.

Do you see a problem? Report it

Quality of data is very important to us. We strive to bring you the most relevant, well formatted and comprehensible content possible. But even we are not flawless. That’s why we’ve made it easy for our users to send us a report if they run into an issue. Just click on the Report issueicon in the article menu bar.

What else is new?

You now see all your unprocessed articles first

To make it easier to go through investigation results, we’ve made the unprocessed tab the default view for articles. Every time you mark an article as Material/Not Material/False Positive the articles moves into its respective tab.

Articles that were automatically marked as not material have a new home

To keep things well organized, we’ve moved the articles that were automatically marked as not material into the not material tab and added a convenient summary with the number of articles that were automatically marked.

15 small improvements towards a big goal

Your feedback is very important to us. This is why we continuously address any issues and ideas for improvement coming from our users with each release. This version contains 15 issue fixes and improvements reported by our users. Thank You for your feedback, we appreciate it.

We built Merlon to allow you to instantly use the power of AI to fight financial crime.