Best-in-Class Features and Capabilities

Unique use of AI hyperautomates information gathering, risk determination, extraction and classification, which allows analysts to focus on making decisions.

This results in unprecedented operational efficiency and high-quality risk detection.

Built-in Extensive, Trusted News Library

Search the world’s largest news library with confidence - 4.5 billion articles from 100,000 sources, over 3 million new articles added daily, or use your existing 3rd party data provider

Powerful and Practical Ongoing Monitoring

Intelligent, customizable alerts notify analysts to new or changing client risks. Screen tens of millions of clients daily without generating an ever growing alert backlog

Quick and Seamless Client Onboarding

Conduct complete new client screening fully integrated with your existing workflows and client lifecycle management system

Configurable Risk Appetite

Choose types and levels of risks, name fuzziness, languages and duration of search that conforms to your risk appetite

Secure and Certified Deployment Options

Get started instantly with our SOC 2 certified SaaS solution or deploy Merlon as a single-tenant solution on your Virtual Private Cloud

Scalability and Savings of Elastic Compute Cloud

Compute-intensive natural language processing and machine learning pipelines scale dynamically to minimize your compute costs

Industry Leading Risk Classification

Automated classification of 40+ predicate risks per standards like the FATF, US BSA, UK MLR and the 6th EU AMLD, or bring your own taxonomy

Article Clustering Based on Risk Fingerprinting

Related articles are automatically grouped, significantly reducing analyst effort, improving accuracy of risk detection and PII extraction

Primary and Secondary Identifier Extraction

Support for fuzzy name matches, extraction of DoB and occupation enables smart filtering and bulk remediation of Risk Findings

Advanced False Positive Removal

Auto-dismissal of Risk Findings based on type and level of risk and perpetrator match, with easy-to-understand explanations

Native NLP on Major Global Languages

Multi-lingual natural language processing models operate natively on global languages, ensuring the highest quality risk detection

Live Language Translation for Analysts

Live translation of Risk Findings and articles into the analysts’ native languages allows for smaller, more efficient compliance teams

End-to-end Integration

Integrate with your existing screening workflows and client lifecycle management systems with our comprehensive REST API

Automated Reporting

Automated, comprehensive PDF reports including support for custom comments and investigation summary

Built-in Audit Trail

Complete, auditable history of all analyst actions to maintain corporate governance

Business Process Transformation

  • Merlon is the only adverse media solution that uses hyperautomation to augment compliance analysts, allowing them to focus on decisioning.
  • The significant reduction in effort and cost makes ongoing monitoring practical, leading to a more effective risk-based approach.
Merlon: Business Process Transformation

Trusted Solution

  • Merlon’s enterprise-grade, AI-based solution has powered adverse media investigations for thousands of compliance analysts around the world.
  • Results produced by our AI come with simple explanations enabling compliance teams to make decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • Investigation details, supporting evidence and explanations are automatically made available in a comprehensive report suitable for internal review or external audit.
Merlon: Trusted Solution

Return on Investment

  • We’ve worked hard to make Merlon accessible and a great investment for companies of any size, starting with a single analyst, scaling to thousands.
  • Massively reduced data, compute, integration, deployment and analyst costs.
  • Flexible licencing terms means you only pay for what you need, for as long as you need it.
Merlon: Return on Investment

Instant Value

  • Our fully functional free trial allows you to instantly experience the benefits of hyperautomation.
  • Start screening new clients as part of your onboarding process and/or enable ongoing monitoring for tens of millions of existing clients within hours.
  • End-to-end integration allows seamless operation with your existing workflows and client lifecycle management solution.
Merlon: Instant Value