Why Merlon?

Merlon’s mission is to create innovative, technology-driven products that provide instant value and unprecedented efficiency in the fight against global financial crime.

We provide the world’s most advanced adverse media investigations platform, focused on intelligently automating the tedious, manual process of negative news screening.

Unique and Powerful Features Drive Efficiency

Trusted News Library

Daily updates from Merlon's data repository of over 15,000 global news sources spanning 15 languages or bring an existing news subscription.

Automated Investigations

Merlon automates the investigation process, providing Findings and evidence for analyst review.

Risk Classification

Automated detection and classification of risk according to global standards such as the FATF, USA BSA, and the 6th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

Related Article Clustering

Related articles are automatically grouped, significantly improving risk and PII extraction and further reducing manual effort.

Name Matching and Smart Filters

Automated name variations and extraction of date of birth, occupation, and risk type enable bulk remediation of Findings.

Enhanced False Positive Removal

Auto-dismissal of Findings based on risk detection and perpetrator match with easy-to-understand explanations.

Transformational Results

Merlon’s AI does the investigation, so analysts can focus on reviewing results. This boosts productivity of the entire compliance team by up to 10x, while consistently producing higher-quality decisioning.

The significant reduction in effort and cost enables adverse media screening to be conducted at any point in the due diligence process. This allows analysts to detect risks that sanctions and PEP screenings cannot catch, leading to better risk mitigation and faster overall customer onboarding.

Merlon: Transformational Results

Trusted Solution

Merlon’s enterprise-grade, AI-powered solution powers adverse media investigations for thousands of compliance analysts around the world.

Results produced by our AI come with simple, easy-to-understand explanations enabling compliance teams to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Investigation details, supporting evidence, and explanations are automatically made available in a comprehensive report suitable for suitable for internal review or external audit.

Merlon: Trusted Solution

Simple Onboarding,
Instant Value

Merlon complements your existing screening tools and processes and can be introduced at any point in your workflow, so you begin realizing value on day one.

See for yourself how Merlon can transform how you use adverse media with our instant, web-based trial.

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Merlon: Simple Onboarding, Instant Value